Who was khloe kardashian dating before lamar odom

However, they split in 2013 after Odom struggled with addiction and reportedly cheated on Kardashian.

Their divorce was put on hold for a while when he had a near-fatal overdose, but was later finalized in 2016. She later said about that relationship, “I jumped into something because I was just, like, lonely and destructive.” In 2015, Kardashian was close to basketball player James Harden, who helped her during Odom’s hospitalization and recovery.

When Lamar was hospitalized after being found unconscious at the Love Ranch in Crystal, Nev., Kardashian rushed to the former NBA star’s side.

Since the incident, Destiny said her father is now more “open and apologetic.” She last saw him a few months ago.

It was humiliating." Perhaps most surprising was Destiny's take on what happened when her father overdosed back in 2015 and Khloe famously rushed to his bedside.

According to Destiny, "a lot of people in our circle were confused." "Their relationship is very toxic," she continued.

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She is determined to get pregnant on her own.” Khloe Kardashian is currently dating NBA star Tristan Thompson.It can't be easy when one of your parents starts dating an insanely popular reality TV star. "When your dad's an NBA player that's already enough, but when he's marrying a reality TV star, things are so public and you don't have a private life anymore." Making things extra weird is the fact that Destiny was a loyal fan of prior to her father's relationship with Khloe.In a new interview, Lamar Odom's 17-year-old daughter Destiny opened up about what it was like for her father to marry Khloe Kardashian and the effect their tumultuous relationship had on her life. Destiny explained, "It was crazy that my dad was getting married to this woman that I used to watch religiously.Khloe Kardashian, 33, who was previously married to Lamar Odom, is pregnant with her first child, TMZ reported.Kardashian and her boyfriend, NBA player Tristan Thompson, of the Cleveland Cavaliers, have been dating for about one year.

Who was khloe kardashian dating before lamar odom