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I have relied on this latter work In the checklist included here.Mammals of the former Soviet Union, including the republics of Central Asia, have been studied in far more detail than those of Iran and Afghanistan, owing to the greater number of resident Russian and European-trained scientists.That work included the complete mammal fauna as known at that time.In 1977 Fred Harrington produced a useful popular guide to the mammals of Iran as part of a series envisioned by the Department of Environment during that department’s most ambitious and productive period.Many species occur in large populations and serve as important controls on flying insects.

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These include nine species of shrews, fierce predators on small animals, three species of moles, which lead a subterranean existence and eat insects and earthworms encountered in their tunneling, and four species of hedgehogs (Figure 1), which have a more diversified diet, including reptiles and birds’ eggs, as well as insects.The most comprehensive academic study of a single taxonomic group of Iranian mammals is that of Anthony De Blase (1980) for the bats.Other publications on individual species or higher taxa can be found In the accompanying bibliography.During the day, many bat species hang up in caves and other dark places relatively safe from predators, although there is at least one species of snakes that search them out, and fallen baby bats are eaten by other predators, even including a species of salamander.Other than humans, the only primate species (Order Primates) to occur in our area is the rhesus macaque, a widespread South Asian monkey that extends into eastern Afghanistan.