Who is nick grimshaw dating

She thinks that sounds too much like "pathetically". Gemma tells Rita about what Kylie was like as a mate in school, sticking up for her and feels proper bad for her family.

That's sympathy, smiles Rita, and lets Gemma have both cards for free.

Harry had a romance with food blogger Tess Ward earlier year.

He has also dated Taylor Swift, Caroline Flack and Kendall Jenner.

The prank had been planned to perfection, and it was hilarious even if you're not a cricket fan.

Shortly before lunch, Aggers announced in surprise that he had received a press release from the ICC, apparently stating that the sport’s governing body had decided to downgrade a match in which Boycott had scored 100, stripping it of first class status.

Norris comes out from the back and is having computer problems.

Todd follows Sarah into the Kabin, apologizing and again trying to talk her out of going to the funeral. Todd is worried she'll have a relapse, maybe say something she'll regret like something that will have her sent down for life. Todd doesn't explain himself and leaves, ordering her to at least consider staying away.

Now, Nadia Essex has taken to social media to confirm that the missing episode will be edited into tonight's hour-long show (Monday, September 18) – but just the highlights, not the full episode.Nadia explained: "All the good stuff, the best bits from Friday, are going to go into tonight's episode.So it's going to be condensed into an hour but it's going to be jam-packed full of all the great stuff."She added: "You're not missing out, just tune in – you'll not regret it."Nevertheless, one follower replied to Nadia's Instagram post: "That's a shame, would rather have had 2 hours worth to watch", which seemed to be the general consensus.That's what his problem is, he thinks that if she gets overly upset, she'll end up confessing (because he still thinks she did it).Rita comes back out and greets Sarah who's come for sweets for Lily.