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New Hampshire Sex Offender Records Every sexual offender or offender against children convicted since 1996. South Dakota Sex Offender Records Contains information on convicted sex offenders since 1984.

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The post states that Chris Tennant has not been in regular contact with Keagan Tennant, but is helping investigators to find him and bring him into custody.Records may show name, photograph, street name of residence, and crime for which convicted. Louisiana Sex Offender Records All sex offenders/predators convicted since July 1997. Massachusetts Sex Offender Records Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry of Level Three offenders since 1986.This file currently contains more than 1,300 offenders. Level Three offenders have been determined to be at the highest risk for re-offense out of all of the three risk levels. Nebraska Corrections Records Corrections records of felony and high-level misdemeanor records on persons sentenced to serve time in a state correctional institution since 1976.“I just want them to come home and be men, own up to their shit and take care of what they need to take care of.” Keagan Tennant’s ex-girlfriend, Dailene Stedman said she was surprised when she heard Tennant and Mc Ketta were suspects in the investigation. “We just sat and talked like friends.” She said they asked her to go swimming the next day, but she didn’t go, and she hasn’t been in contact with them since.“It really doesn’t sound like them,” she said in a message on Facebook, “so it shocked me.” They hadn’t talked much since breaking up a couple months ago, she said, but she hung out with Tennant and Mc Ketta on Sunday, the day before the crime. Tennant and Mc Ketta met about six months ago, Stedman said, while she and Tennant were dating.