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My mind was wandering about my mom all the time I talked with Rajeev. I was waiting for the hard 24 hours to pass by soon.

She was sleeping innocently with his semen inside her as her son negotiated how her body is to be used with this man. I was very curious about how my mom looked inside her room now. The bedroom door was half closed, and I pushed the door completely open. He had left my mom in such a condition that I was confused for a second whether I was looking at my own mom or some whore. The fresh cum was dripping on the bed sheet through her recently used vagina. I slept planning to do those things which I could not do last time. Once again the day had arrived where my mom would be warming her bed with someone else even without her knowledge nevertheless her permission. Mom was still in the same orange saree looking as sexy as before.

He came to me and said with an evil grin “Thanks kid, go and see your mom’s position inside I think you had been waiting to see it” (he was buckling his pant when he said that) Me- Finally you have got what you wanted. Then Rajeev continued “I thought you had convinced your mother but you have put her to sleep.

Next time I want her completely conscious, so that I will get more enjoyment” Me- No sir, Please don’t put that condition. She will be devastated to know that she will have to share her body with someone else. Whenever you come I will serve her to you when she is asleep only. (then hung up) Although his dirty words were humiliating to me, they also started to give me a kind of sexiness.

Wild and erotic images started running through my mom where she lost her chastity to another man with the aid of her beloved son.Because she is the only person with whom I live besides it hard to avoid such thoughts by a sexually active boy about a very hot female.So I decided to keep these thoughts restrained to my fantasies and allowed myself to see her in a sexy way.The money lender was staring at my mom’s cleavage through her yellow blouse as she didn’t notice her saree had fallen off. (I was amazed to hear such a word coming from his mouth) don’t cry.The As tears were flowing from my mom’s eyes I saw lust flowing from his eyes. (he lifted her by holding and squeezing her soft solders and wiping her eyes, enjoying the touch of her cheeks. Her bulging boobs, her naval and her shaking ass diverted my mind. Mom- Nikhil, ever since Rajeev went I see something is bothering u, whats wrong son?