C form validating event not firing

Unit tests demonstrate to developers that individual functions and classes work as expected.

Acceptance tests are an orthogonal complement to this.

The following was originally published in the excellent Python Magazine.

That means you can specify any XHTML out want in addition to the text, which is a level of flexibility that you can use to do some fairly major custom design. "That means that you simply declare function name and . Since you then add the event manually here, this might be the only problem.

__________________ ------------------------- Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. If I'm right, then try commenting out this one line and then see if it works."FYI, Auto Event Wireup only works for a number of predefined Page events; not for your own controls.

This framework uses Python’s standard unittest module, and is executed using Iron Python.

While Resolver One is written in Iron Python, this technique allows Iron Python tests to interact with product code written in any . This article describes the principles of this Iron Python acceptance testing framework, and demonstrates them by creating an acceptance test for a small sample C# GUI application. NET languages such as C#, some common testing practices like monkey-patching will be unavailable.

C form validating event not firing