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WMBF News has removed some of the words from actual South Carolina chats which led to arrests, but a warning: the tone and nature of them remains graphic."Every time I go online, someone solicits me, it only takes a matter of minutes," said Milton Adams, a Myrtle Beach investigator with the task force.Adams spends hours in online chat rooms, but it usually only takes minutes to find people like Mark Kauffman - a Socastee man charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, or 29-year-old Jay Harrison of Lexington.Harrison thought he was talking to a 14-year-old girl.Task force investigators say he sent them a picture of his genitals 24 minutes into the chat - before he asked again if the person online was a minor.Defendant (12/19/2006 PM): u live with your parents Child (12/19/2006 PM): yes i have to only 14 remember Defendant (12/22/2006 PM): and your reayd to lern how to ---- Child (12/22/2006 PM): ready as ill ever be Defendant (12/22/2006 PM): ok be outside at Defendant (12/22/2006 PM): be reayd to follow diresctions Defendant (12/22/2006 PM): and get ----!said Harrison Child (11/28/2007 PM): OMG Child (11/28/2007 PM): nvr saw 1 4 real---says the investigator acting as the teen.

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It gets particularly difficult when offenders don't have a home.

It is not the place for arguments and drama." Seems pretty straight forward and clear and concise.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason a chat room in Lake Orion seems to have been overtaken by a group of angry, malcontent, apoplectic residents.

It's time for some of the blowhards in the community to temper their comments and instead share with everyone all of the positive issues going on in the Lake Orion community which are many!

Based on comments in the chat room perhaps the entrance signs to Lake Orion should be changed to "Where Living Is Hellacious".