Gothamdatingpartners com marriage roman catholic dating service

The unveiling of the site will be on New Years Day 2013.

Those who are either registered on the site, or a member of one of our Social Networking platforms found at, will automatically have access to the site using their user name and password.

The permanent name of the site will also be introduced on New Years Day.

“We offer dating for all walks of life, wealthy people, dating by race, attractiveness, religion, and more.” Fraser added that is the mother site of 11 additional websites that will ultimately lead visitors to a dating portal of their liking, such as,,,,,, and more.

Programmers are given an opportunity to become a part of this revolution by working with our company from the ground up.

Instructions on how to do that can be found on the site.

“I’m not the greatest looking person in the world, but ugly people need love too.” That’s the primary goal of and its 11 other feeder dating sites.

“We have a huge database of over 1 million people on each website, which is the largest database of viable dating candidates, “Fraser noted.