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Because no, Goa doesn't count as a trip to the South.

There's SO much more that South India has to offer.

A coffee enthusiast would know the importance of Araku valley.

Famous for its coffee plantations, India’s first tribal growers' organic coffee brand was launched in the Araku Valley in 2007.

You'd find the nearest railway, Chalakudi railway station, 30 kms away.

Kochi is the nearest airport, about 55 kms away, if that's your preferred mode of travelling.

From Tadipatri, one can catch a bus to Belum Caves.

If you feel somewhat like Indiana Jones, this one must be explored.

Moreover, there are deposits of quartz in the caves.Hello, I am Susan, 34yrs, 153cm/5.1ft, Indian, CLSc(Library), MS Office(computer), studying MA Eng Litt 2nd yr. operator and reception 10yrs., Teacher 8yrs (currently), 3rd gen Ch…If you haven't been able to figure out a trip down south, thinking there isn't a lot to do, this article is just the wake up call you need.Off Bellary Road (National Highway 7 Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway), and overlooking Nandi Hills and Muddenahalli, this place guarantees a breathtaking view at an altitude of about 1350 mts. Nicknamed the 'Niagra Falls Of India', Athirappilly is the largest waterfall of Kerala.Narrow winding roads, small villages and greenery make for a delightful sight as you make your way up there.