Is brendon urie still dating sarah orzechowski

We were honestly speechless at how beautiful everything was – it truly felt like a real life fairy tale.

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“I like writing about parties –so a lot of this stuff is about parties that I’ve gone to where I’m trying to recall exactly what happened — kind of in a hangover sense, trying to piece sense together and put it in a song,” he told ET.

Discerning such profound love between Sarah and Brendon, the fans are always curious to know when the couple will enhance their family.

Also, amidst the fan's concerns about Sarah welcoming the couple's bundle of joy; she was speculated being pregnant, a number of times.

As Sarah is not known to all and is not a social persona, knowing or digging out more information about her is next to impossible.

After searching much of sites, we came to know that Sarah also loves music and is assisting her husband in his daily work.