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If you want to know some basic Russian phrases and common Russian words used in everyday life, here they are.

Natural conversation is impossible without these speech patterns.

Certainly, our course is also suitable for those who want to learn just a little talking in Russian.

After learning of our Russian language course, you will become much more confident in yourself, when you want to communicate with a Russian girl.

Otherwise, it would be hard even for Russians to pronounce!

I wanted to create a course, helping the rest people to get acquainted easily and nice talk with a Russian partner directly, without dictionaries, translators and unnecessary witnesses!

We decided to develop this language course for those English-speaking men who are in close communication with the Russian-speaking women, and are going to meet them in real life.

They have two ways to say this: After you're introduced to someone, you may want to say, “Nice to meet you” which is ochyen' priyatno (OH-cheen' pree-YAT-nuh) (literally: very pleasant) in Russian.

The person you've been introduced to may then reply mnye tozhye (mnye TOH-zheh) (same here).