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Curious to see how these words fared in the new world of Quick Type, I employed some of Keller’s tactics at a small scale.Since spell-check is essentially another flavor of natural language processing or predictive text, I expected Keller’s surfaced flag list to uncover similar biases in the new system.In Keller’s investigation, he started with a clean install of the i OS because spell-check would add frequently used words to the device dictionary.With Quick Type, that scale of computational investigation would be hard to do, since so much of Quick Type magic lies in its adaption to your personal style.Quick Text even offers some predictive Easter eggs like “hide yo” that leads to “kids | wife,” a reference to the Bed Intruder meme.Others have started to share how predictive text knows them well.The autopilot dream of Silicon Valley April Fools’ jokes is close to reality.But does this predictive, personalized algorithm also have the potential to limit our speech?

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Email the Decoder at [email protected] submit your question via the form here. Predictive text technology makes typing with our thumbs a lot easier.It’s also aware of context, meaning that it will match your writing style when you are texting, and it will adjust to be more formal in email mode, even depending on whom you address in the conversation.As soon as you open a blank message, Quick Type offers three plausible choices, for me, often “I | The | I'm.” In the span of a few minutes, I experimented hitting the middle prediction button every time in an email, text or tweet.I tried variations on the theme — clicking only middle, only first and only last prediction options. My friend Laura thought it sounded “like a depressed chatbot” and “it’s like if Eliza the chatbot therapist grew up to become an emo poetry slam artist.” A Twitter search for “predictive text” and “Quick Type” suggests I’m not the only one experimenting with the form. ” alongside the hilarious screen shot output “I have zero tolerance for your support and love.” A Gizmodo writer used Quick Type to chat with matches on the dating app Tinder.Twitter user @alyannapadilla shared her version of the game, writing, “Predictive Text With Friends, brought to you by i OS 8. The Verge used it to autocomplete famous Bartleby’s quotes.