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But a group of arts students liked these surreal effects and adopted the cameras, eventually spawning a new range.Echoes of that heritage are obvious; the styling is full-on Eighties and boxy.Its relatively compact body feels sturdy in the hand and the controls are intuitively placed.The silver and black styling is neat and hints at the retro roots without being a total throwback. Buy now The Lomography brand has its roots in the Soviet-era Lomo, a company famed for making poorly built cameras that produced strangely distorted images.

The Automat Glas also achieves impressive colour and contrast.

That being said, there are options to get creative.

It still has the multiple exposure mode and you can also attach close-up, wide-angle and fisheye lenses.

They also have a great multiple exposure feature that allows you to easily overlay several images on top of one another to create some quirky and beautiful shots.

Lomo cameras tend to produce warm and soft images, compared to Fuji’s, which generally came out a little sharper and cooler.