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For many of the psychologists, social scientists, and experts in artificial intelligence who study this kind of relationship, it’s not a matter of if, but when. The program was clever social engineering at work, not advanced artificial intelligence capable of carrying on a sustained conversation. In fact, because test subjects weren’t communicating with another human being, they sometimes felt more comfortable sharing painful, embarrassing, or intimate thoughts.The roots of this research date back to 1966, when an MIT professor named Joseph Weizenbaum created a computer program called Eliza, a "chatterbot" that mimicked a therapist by replying to what people said with leading, vaguely empathetic questions. "When we communicate in an environment with fewer cues from facial expression and body language, people have a lot of room to idealize their partner," says Catalina Toma, an associate professor of communications at the University of tell us why we are still going to pine for the real thing," says Nardi.It boils down to that ultimate human desire, the "I’ll have what she’s having." Nardi explains: "The private intimacy we crave might well issue from interacting with a computer program, but we’ll never be happy with that.We have one of the best sex doll supplier discounts in the UK so we can be sure that any dolls that are cheaper than ours are simply not genuine products and can be presumed fake.

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A classic exchange with Eliza might go something like this: Human: Well, my boyfriend made me come here. She points to research showing that humans who communicate remotely by email or chat often have an easier time forming personal bonds than people who meet face to face.

"It can be hard for real people, with all the messy complications of the physical world, to compete with that." Jonze explores similar themes in Her.

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