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When asked if she had fun at Coachella, she replied in a startlingly low-octave: “Is the Pope Catholic?

Hair by Angel Gonzalez, makeup by Alexander Echeverri for Becca Cosmetics, manicure by Quisa Robinson. In the present day, Hilton has a total of five i Phones, and when we first met she was toggling between two of them, one open to an article on deeming her the “Queen of Coachella,” and the other ready to share the post on Instagram with her 6.9 million followers.

She currently has 8 gallery links in her own Free Ones section.

She is listed on Free Ones since 2011 and is currently ranked 2537th place.

That is when she’s not traveling 250 days of the year or sleeping over at the house of her boyfriend, Chris Zylka, a model and actor currently on .

On the subject of the Kardashians, however, Hilton only had high praise: "I've known the family my whole life,” she said.

(A phrase, it should be noted, she also used when asked by Australia’s if she voted for Trump.) “They are all intelligent, beautiful business women and I'm proud of them and the brand they've built.”Meanwhile, through all the highs and lows, breakups, falling outs, tabloid takedowns, and even presidential elections, Hilton has been right here, sitting safely and comfortably under her own roof in a state of suspended animation. If she did, the whole thing might have come crashing down.“I never really do anything out of character,” she said, really trying to think of an instance in which she’d gone rogue recently.

Then there’s Ivanka Trump, just one year younger than Hilton and today the most powerful socialite in the land.

Some might commend the likes of Kardashian for moving beyond their past lives, growing apart from Hilton in the process, while others say they couldn’t have existed in the first place had Hilton not paved the way.