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f=4&t=16&p=918#p918 But since Hugo was so kind to translate it, we'll also have it on this page, many thanks Hugo. There was one she was impressed with that I got correct.Now there are two translations, but better two than none :) BRAVO! I also agree with the Admin, Romanian women are sincere and show full unconditional love.Let's get started on this free lesson on I love you in Russian!Learning a language is a complex process that is different for each individual based on several different factors.Unfortunately we do not have the pronunciation of this exact phrase.In the above lessons though all the prerequisites are there: the first part "îndrăgost-" is available and then the last one ("-esc") is also available. All the best in your relationship Hi D, The Romanian translation is: "Ar fi trebuit să-ți spun că te iubesc" In the above lesson you have the (audio) pronunciation of "să-ți" and "te iubesc".Let's take a look at these different factors and how they impact how fast you learn Chinese. Well, you have come to the right place, because we'll help you acquire the vocabulary (with the usual free pronunciation that you can find on our website) needed to: "Iubire" and "dragoste" are both translated by "love" (noun). I never met someone like her with sincere intentions... and that is what I have been missing all the time in my life...

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You are doing fine with time but not sure about the date. So I will continue to study and will use some material on your web site.""Thank you very much for your informative web site.I already have a few ideas such as: romantic affectionate nicknames in Romanian, or to extend the list of compliments, or an article about a relationship with a Romanian, translate more love songs from Romanian to English. I was able to learn some phrases to say to my future Romanian husband that let him know just how seriously I LOVE him, I will be returning to this site to learn more Romanian sayings to be able to communicate without it having to be in English!!well i to have met an amazing lady we have fun she is teaching me Romanian and i can say i am loving it as much as i love her but from time to time she tells me i need to learn English That for me is funny i am English it does not matter where we come from its what is in our hearts so this will help me a lot thank you live love and peace to all Hi Fay, We are very happy for you The translation is: "Mă îndrăgostesc de tine".and hopefully we shall in time move to Romania to live...I hope to see here on the site indeed more nice songs or appropriate texts... Hi Kimi It took me some time to finally translate the song which can be found here: My fiancée was born and raised in Bucharest and not one of the phases has been wrong.