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Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta knows he shouldn't be takling this much -- let alone recording a new album, touring nonstop and doing interviews -- but he just can't quit.

"I haven't really given my voice a rest," says the singer, exasperated and still recovering from a December 2008 surgery that removed a cyst from his vocal chords.

We're an amalgmation of all these different things and we're just fascinated by pop culture.

Disclaimer: If you think pop music isn’t worth analyzing… Pop music reflects and reinforces our cultural norms.

But he also says that one song, "The Scene Is Dead; Long Live the Scene," is introspective, as the frontman address his role as a showman.

"I started Cobra with the intention of having it be fun and not heavy," Saporta says, "but this album is definitely more revealing on a personal level than any other Cobra record." To set up the release of "Hot Mess," Cobra Starship leaked the track "Pete Wentz Is the Only Reason Why We're Famous" in April, then hit the road with Fall Out Boy through May.

And at its own Web store, the band will ofer limited-edition merch items, like a Cobra Starship necklace and bonus DVD, free with every purchase of the deluxe version of "Hot Mess." Fans will also get a trial members to the Cobra Crew, the band's new official fan club.11, and their new single "Good Girls Go Bad," which features "Gossip Girl" actress (and recent Universal Republic signee) Leighton Meester, is climbing the Billboard Hot 100, where it's No. Cobra Starship's second album, 2007's "Viva La Cobra!" has sold 119,000 copies, according to Nielsen Sound Scan.In January Saporta and his bandmates holed up in a rented hosue in rural Pennsylvania to flesh out the songs without distractions."I was like, 'We've got to get away from here and be a band for a little bit, let these songs come to life.' " Saporta says.