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A confirmed HIV infection changes your life dramatically.You may experience a constant varying range of emotions such as fear, loss, depression, denial, anxiety, and anger.When the women discovered they were HIV positive - by chance, due to health problems or after other women he dated raised the alarm - they said he said it had nothing to do with him.The defence maintained Talluto's actions were 'imprudent, but not intentional'.

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Talluto expressed regret for what had happened as he was sentenced, but said he did not realise the consequences of his actions.

On the other hand, by setting up HIV dating sites, we may be further distancing the HIV-positive people from other individuals of the society.

While these websites are helping people from the same group connect and share their feelings with each other, people who are not HIV-positive still think that these people should be kept at distance and HIV positive dating sites are somewhat helping this concept.

website is second in number for meeting up with herpes-infected people.

MPWH offers a dating platform that is exclusive for positive herpes people who are surviving with Genital Herpes(HSV-2) and Oral Herpes(HSV-1) to find lovers, partners, and friends.