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While many people simply "grow out" of that interest, some people retain a lifelong fascination with it—in the same way that some people continue to love Star Wars or model trains well into their adulthood.Furries primarily discover the furry community online, through furry forums or furry-themed message groups, where members organize meet-ups, discuss content, and do pretty much what you'd expect to find in any fan community.As such, from its inception, the furry fandom was established as a place where members of these communities could be themselves without fear of judgment.These same norms continue within the furry fandom to this day, with openness and inclusion being central pillars of the furry community.

In addition, they can download our free e Book at see an excellent summary of everything we've learned about the furry fandom from nearly a decade of research.I started attending a large convention called "Comic Con" back in the early 80's, and there were Furries back then, too.********** The Furries would (like other fans of various properties) have their own "party room" set up and decorated in one or more of the hotels, offering various delightful beverages and snacks, usually themed to their fandom.In the same way that fantasy or science-fiction fans may enjoy merging erotica with their favorite literary genres, or sports fans merge sexuality with their favorite sports team (i.e., cheerleaders), or car aficionados merge sex with their hobby (i.e., "pin-up girls" draped across sports cars), furries do much the same thing with furry-themed content.Unfortunately, furry-themed content is distant enough from mainstream content that people simply don't know a lot about it.