Sarah palin daughter dating a black man

"She's not worried that Tripp himself might one day read her words and take them the wrong way.

"He knows that I love him," she says, shaking her head.

Inside, the real live Sarah Palin is taking a break from her Tea Partying tour of the country to celebrate the second birthday of her son Trig, who has Down syndrome, with the entire extended Palin clan.

She's just jetted in from Minnesota and is wearing an ensemble that reads off-duty celebrity — all black with an army-green newsboy cap pulled low over her eyes.

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He is learning basic sign language to communicate with Trig, including stop, which Trig signs when Tripp tackles him.

(Before she bought it, she and Tripp were living at home in Wasilla, an hour and a half away.) Though her mother's earnings have been widely reported at million since she stepped down as governor last July, largely due to her book, Going Rogue, and her TV deals, it's Bristol who has picked out and paid for everything: the big leather couches, the flat-screen TVs, Tripp's toddler-size bed (though he sleeps with his mother), and the Subaru wagon in the garage.

"I'm on my own," she says, in between constant texting on her Black Berry. I'm a hard worker."Her older brother Track's girlfriend, Britta, currently lives in the third bedroom, and her 15-year-old sister, Willow, often sleeps over.

"I was scared to live by myself," Bristol explains. Her neighborhood is not the picturesque wilderness many associate with Alaska; it's a modest cluster of homes halfway between Ted Stevens International Airport and the Great Alaskan Bush Company, where the wildlife accepts tips.

Not that Bristol goes out much, besides taking Tripp for walks.