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I made notes of some of the planes details, such as the number 194 on the vertical stabilizer and "Lopes Hope" lettered across the planes fuselage.

Thank God he has a great father who told him from whence he comes. Years later in 1971, I was once again with the Air Force, but this time my rank was GS-15 or full Colonel. This came about because the Los Angeles Society of Illustrators had an art program with the United States Air Force.

When I was visiting in Turkey we were studying the Sultans. Isn't it great to have a discussion on this subject. I will be in Washington July 4th and Thanks Many Times for your hard work on the magazine. In addition to the extensive pedigrees that John Inclan as researched and available on has been compiling short pedigrees for publication in our monthly Somos Primos issues. Barrio told me how difficult it was to become a paramedic.

One of the Sultans opened his country so the Sephardic Jews could come and have a home. Tu Prima, Sylvia Ann Leal Carvajal Sutton Mr Inclan: You are so generous and kind to send me this information. Her youngest son is building a family tree and he also had other information, but none of us had this. Angie is making reference to one of those short little pedigrees. Mercy Bautista Olvera Warren Bratter Gloria Candelaria Ginetta E. Candelario Migdalia Cabran Jaime Cader Bill Carmena Kathleen Carrizal-Frye Ben Cartwright Ercheck Cartwright Sylvia Carvajal Sutton Angel R. He said in order to qualify you must train to be a medic, mountain climber, skier, paratrooper, scuba diver, and a machine-gunner.

My good friend Bill Lansford, a Latino and president of the Eugene A.

Obregon/Congressional Medal of Honor Memorial Foundation, first described his vision and thats where I started.