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The symbol, the emblem that graced the cover of the cover story of Christianity Today on this surging phenomenon, was a t-shirt that read “Jonathan Edwards is my homeboy.” I connected instantly with this movement when I read Collin Hansen’s explosive article. Rob Bell was recently asked what counsel he had for a young man whose unborn baby’s life is in danger.I won’t say that Edwards is my homeboy, but I will say that he is my favorite theologian and historical Christian figure. According to CNN (HT to Jim Smith), Bell said the following to the man in this heartrending position: Bell walked closer to the man and told him he could give him no easy answers.

The catfisher posing as Wilson, claimed to be planning a divorce from his wife (note: Wilson is not married), and asked Okumura to hold onto million for him, write an email to his bank at their very official, very secure Gmail address, in exchange for million compensation. The two muscly men frolicked semi-naked amongst the waves with only the moonlight illuminating them, before toweling off outside of their hotel in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Owen Wilson was spotted recently taking a late night swim with his bestie for ever and always, Stephen Dorff (above)!The landmark Edwards Encyclopedia just launched, Nathan Finn and Jeremy Kimble have a great book out soon, and other projects abound.Doing my humble best to add to the theistic fray, I’ve got two projects coming out next year: a Jonathan Edwards devotional and The Essential Jonathan Edwards (mapping the essential contours of his life and ministry).