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North Yorkshire Police says, due to their smaller size, the new vans are more suited to hard-to-reach locations.

Using state-of-the art camera equipment, the vans can not only detect speeding drivers, but can also identify anti-social driving such as seat belt offences and drivers using mobile phones behind the wheel.

The vans are also equipped with Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR), which the force says assists with the detection of cross border crime, protecting those communities more vulnerable due to their location, by deterring and disrupting travelling criminals.

Police arrived to find a scene of “complete carnage”.

Once a speed camera is fixed, motorists get wise to its whereabouts and only change their behaviour 15 seconds before and 10 seconds after driving past one.

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We have one of the largest road networks in the country so we have a lot of roads to get around and a lot of these are rural roads.

These vans are a much better, more flexible resource that can be used in lots of different situations." Over the past three years Newcastle University has conducted studies into North Yorkshire’s killed or seriously injured statistics across 22 local sites and evaluated the effect of the mobile speed camera vans on the level of road safety.