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In 1997, high-schooler Tim Sweeney came to Pittsburgh to visit his brother John, the host of WRCT show “Hi Fi Breakdown” at the time.

The resulting challenge saw the stranger and the Primarch perform such deeds that no mortal could replicate, culminating in a hunt to slay the largest salamander and return to the settlement with its body.

Tune in on Saturday from 8-10pm as we bring this full circle, with Tim hosting Beats in Space live from WRCT, bringing along Hot Mass and DETOUR’s Naeem as the guest DJ.

WRCT joins VIA in hosting this year’s VIA Weekender event.

Only by abandoning his trophy could Vulkan save himself, yet he refused to do so, even in the face of death.

Then, the stranger appeared before him, but his path was blocked by yet another lava channel.